Monday, May 02, 2005

Blogging Will Destroy My Life

As it stands, I have a shitload of work to do. My BA thesis should have been done ages ago, and yet, for some reason, I'm still procrastinating when I should be plugging away at it. I spend far too much time blogging, and the feedback I'm getting is steadily declining. As such, I've decided that I might as well call a hiatus to this circus. I've been (fairly) dedicated to providing quality posts so far, which means that, on top of the time I spend racking my brain to think of what I have to say, I ALSO have to go and photoshop stupid pictures, source for art on the internet, and do all sorts of other random shit. I figure I have a couple options:

1) Stop blogging for about two weeks and get my shit done.

2) Keep blogging, but break all the big fuck rules, and post shitty entries about my life, and where I went today (i.e. my goddamn room) and what I did today (sat on my ass and looked at stupid shit on the internet) and what I ate (cereal, because I'm so fucking lazy). I don't know; I'm actually beginning to get the feeling that people come to this site to look at hot babes anyway, and what I write is inconsequential. One day I'm going to post an entry that goes something along the lines of 'fuck fuck fuck, asshole shit-face cunty ho" and then post a babe, and see if I still get comments. I'm betting yes. So yeah, that's option 2.

3) Get a shadow writer - if anyone with a good command of english and a decent sense of humour wants to write this site for a while, you can email me. Send a sample or some shit. Oh, and also proof that you'll give this site back when I'm ready to make my triumphant return, or I will castrate you and stuff your genitalia down your throat.

Ok, all dedicated fans, please tell me which option you guys would prefer. I might not listen to your advice, but what the heck, at least I'll know you care. I know it's bitchy of me to complain about the fact that I got four comments when most people got none, but then, considering the amount of time I spend blogging, I'd kind of like it if I got more than four responses on this issue. Yeah.

Next, I want to say something about that stupid-ass picture of me you see on top. is looking for a cover girl!!!

See, I'm planning to replace that with a picture of a cute girl. Yes, that's right, it's time to find a cover girl! All you ladies who don't normally post pictures in your blog, yet aspire to blog babe-dom, here's your chance! I will put YOUR picture up for a whole month (and dutifully link your blog in my sidebar) if you send me a picture which I like. Obviously, there can only be ONE cover girl at a time, so here's your chance! E-mail me a nice, fetching photo of yourself (preferably a nice, sharp one, no lousy web-cam shots, please) and I will take it from there (if I like what I see); obviously, previous blog babes wanting a bit more time in the spotlight will stand a fairly good chance; I just don't want to plaster someone's photo all over my site without their prior consent.

Finally, a couple of you have requested these buttons ... you know, the ones you put on your site when I link you. You can cut and paste and stick them on your site, if you'd like. Hurrah! If you guys like them, tell me, and I'll put them in my sidebar. Otherwise, whatever.

BIG VERSION (transparent, somemore! dun play play!):


Ok, that's it for now. Let me know what you think, about everything. Alright? Comment, comment, comment!

Today's Blog Babe: Missy Claris; I especially like the fact that she reads my blog. That always makes girls cuter to me.


Blogger sunflowr spewed forth...

option 1.
Cmon, finish all the stuff that's bugging you then come back with more of the silly pictures with speech bubbles that I love.

2/5/05 23:32  
Anonymous Jayelle spewed forth...

ditto. Option 1. two weeks .. I can wait:) no problem. just like a diet. No problem.

3/5/05 01:34  
Blogger jllt spewed forth...

Eeeeeee.... All three options like shit. Give me my daily dose of Big Fuck!
Please don't ever downgrade to option 2 or 3.

I guess option 1 is the best? Absence maketh the heart grows fonder. Muahahahaha...

3/5/05 02:01  
Blogger Ah 9 spewed forth...

hand in the damn paper with ur site url on it.


3/5/05 02:24  
Blogger Shion spewed forth...

Well, too much of a good thing become ... not such a good thing after all :p

So yeah , maybe u should starve us , make us thirsty and when u return u will be worshipped like a fucking god !!!!

Dude, I'm still uncomfortable of being "fucked" wahahahaha but yeah I'll put tat button up nevertheless

And please hor , can I require that all future blog babe cannot have boyfriend one ? Wahahahaha that will make your job more difficult right ? hee hee

3/5/05 03:33  
Blogger Jiameei spewed forth...

Don't break my heart, now.

3/5/05 03:36  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

Sad sad. One need to be a singleton to be blog babe. Awww. I am appalled.

3/5/05 03:41  
Blogger MaKan GuRu spewed forth...

Oi i got nicer badge for you then yours lah! mandrake design one! look nicer cause don have your ugly face on it! LOL! Kidding bro! go see it on my blog.

Feel free to use it instead of yours, got pretty hantai girl somemore leh!

3/5/05 03:52  
Blogger Kenny spewed forth...

take some bread with butter ..nth but butter only b4 going for a liqour drinking irish guy told me in club SlipperySenorita penang..sounds like crap but it worked for me..nvr had any hangovers b4 anyways...

3/5/05 05:12  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

Dude, I don't even click on your blog babes links. Despite my image of supreme horniness, I don't really go out of my way looking for hot chicks. I prefer letting them come to me, you see. Anyway, your posts kick ass. I guess I'll go with option (2), since I'm pretty sure you'll find a way to make it funny. Failing that, option (1).

3/5/05 05:43  
Blogger saMmi spewed forth...

lol, option 2. i need something funnie and completely stupid in my life right now

3/5/05 07:24  
Anonymous elise spewed forth...

honey, i think ya gotta do option #1. i can help you in our class & i can help you with your BA thesis as well (if it's neuroscience related). also, i have to tell you, i ignore you in class (pretty much) because i'm so not in the mood to be called unprofessional or anything--ya know? quit freaking out. let me know what & if you need. you have my email.

3/5/05 09:06  
Anonymous Jol spewed forth...

Stop blogging and do your shit, dad. We can wait two weeks, but you can't compromise standards. :)

3/5/05 09:37  
Anonymous jaclyn spewed forth...

i love reading what you write. it's addictive, seriously. so option 1 would be the best choice of course.

3/5/05 09:48  
Blogger Lion spewed forth...

option 1

3/5/05 10:53  
Blogger Jaslyn spewed forth...

Although I do read ur blog nowadays, I'll think option 1 as a better bet. 2 weeks is no big deal. Whats more important?? Weigh it dude.

3/5/05 10:54  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

Quit for now. But the dark side will always call out to you. Beware.....

3/5/05 11:15  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

sunflowr: like the pictures and the speech bubbles is it? those are actually significantly less hard to do than, say, the self-drawn ones, which are motherfucking hard. it's just sourcing for pictures. haiz, yah lah, break, break.

jayelle: diet? that's another thing i can never understand.

jllt: don't want to hear about my shitty life?

ah 9: considering i work in a lab full of very conservative girls, i don't know how that would go down exactly.

shion: kena starved? i like that imagery, but i think that there are other places to get nourishment on the buffet line that is the internet. as for blog babes with NO BOYFRIEND, OF COURSE THAT MAKES IT HARD FOR ME LAH! YOU GO FIND LAH! SIAO!

jiameei: aww, i will endeavour not to break your heart - so does this mean i should stop posting for a while, post crap, or just fuck my BA and fail out of school, while you give me money to keep writing?

claris: while being a singleton obviously gives added appeal, i'm not making it a prerequisite.

makanguru: ok lah, give you plug. as for the hentai, i'm not into that shit, you know. i'm a good boy. nonetheless, some of my fans might like it, and the workmanship is good.

knychai: hahaha....sure or not? maybe it's because after you eat that you will lau sai like crazy....

AQ: haha...i appreciate your vote of confidence, man - that was actually my favourite option, to be honest....but then, i figure the overwhelming popular vote is for 1, and i always aim to please... although, like i said, i always reserve the right to fuck everyone else's opinions, and do whatever the fuck i please. I AM, AFTER ALL THE BIG FUCK, AND EVERYONE SHALL PH34R M3H + M3H 1337 5Ki11z! r0x0r!

sammi: when i bitch and gripe, i am neither completely stupid nor overly funny. i liken it to scraping your butt with a plastic spoon - kind of ticklish, a little weird, and ultimately purposeless.

elise: aww, thanks for the offer, elise...unfortunately, my thesis is developmental psych, and just needs to be churned out, at the moment. as for class time, i don't feel ignored; it's all good in da hood, yeah? we'll catch drinks some'll be great fun.

jol: haha...i like how i suddenly have standards. that's great.

jaclyn: haha...and let you go through withdrawal, issit? I don't want to lose my fans north of the causeway, you know!

lion: ok.

jaslyn: weighing things always takes a lot of time, for me, since i vacillate so much.

sb: haha... sometimes, i think i AM the dark side.

3/5/05 12:51  
Blogger Linda Chia spewed forth...

dont ever stop writing

3/5/05 13:42  
Blogger CELLE spewed forth...

dudee.. u can go with option2.. we'll still read.. maybe some fuck fuck fuck comments too!
u can try option 2. but i think u'll fail it.. cfm backside itchy wanna blog..

so i'd say.. just divide ur time laa.. blog a bit less and play much less grand auto theft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DUN LIE!!!!!!!! thats the main prob!!!!!!!!!!!111

3/5/05 19:14  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

linda: haha, i'm not planning on stopping, but depending on how this next post goes, i might just take a little break.

celle: haha...actually, to be brutally honest, no it's blogging, BA, and rehearsals for this cultural show. oh, and chatting on msn. no GTA for a while already, HONEST.

4/5/05 00:36  
Anonymous Peter Li spewed forth...

you should get Gary to fill in while you are gone.

4/5/05 13:43  
Blogger YellowPony spewed forth...

Honestly, I'm understanding your dilemma. Except no one reads my blog, so it doesn't really matter whether I stop writing it or not...but I understand. Mainly because my life is a void of dating excitement right now, and nothing pathetic even has happened lately, so what the hell should I write about?
Honestly, I think you should stick to the code of ethic and go with option #1.

Finally, what kind of pictures are you looking for here?

4/5/05 19:57  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

peter: hahaha...i don't think gary wants to write bigfuck; it's not his style.

jess: ah, yes, i think i understand what you're saying. it makes a lot of sense. i think, in typical blogwhore fashion, i shall pander to the comments; the more comments, the more i blog. that's a fairly good rule, i think. oh, and i read your blog. it's cool. as for the pictures, well, you know, i like pictures that i can edit. like pictures of happy people, or pictures of sad people. or chickens, or monkeys. it depends on what i'm writing on, and what i feel like drawing on. it's hard to source for pictures to edit, though... it takes a hella long time.

4/5/05 20:27  
Blogger YellowPony spewed forth...

I actually meant in reference to girls?

5/5/05 00:09  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

oh...right...i'm silly.

well, you see that photo on the top of my blog? something like that, i guess.

the rough guidelines are:

1) you should look fetching (duh)
2) preferably something that fits nicely in a box
3) not some lousy webcam pic
4 - and this one's kind of the most silly one - I kind of like having the picture exclusively on this site for a while, so I'd prefer if you didn't post said picture on your blog for a while.

Yeah, that's about it. You have a fair number of pictures that would make the grade, if you're interested. It's all about finding the one you think you look the most fetching in.

5/5/05 10:32  
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