Tuesday, May 03, 2005

We Have a Winner!

Today's first order of business - I'd like to introduce the big fuck's new blog babe of the month, Evelyn Lee; Evelyn doesn't exactly need the publicity, seeing as to how she's already been blog-babed once, and Miyagi-ed two days in a row. Nevertheless, there are a couple things I like about her:

1) She makes me laugh. Evelyn Lee is absolutely bonkers, and it's awesome.

2) She plays the same old school games I used to play, and told me where to find them. I won't tell you; read her blog and find out.

3) She is drop-dead gorgeous. This one should be painfully obvious.

So, people, I give you our new blog babe of the month. Looking at her makes me want to load this page more often myself.

For the rest of you hots babes out there, if you want to be a blog babe of the month, we're still taking applications. Send me your sexy, sexy photographs, give me your blog links and don't be shy about it - I'm actually quite a friendly guy, you know.

Alright, next order of business:

Makanguru and Mandrake, saying that my 'you've been fucked' button is ugly, have combined powers to come up with another one; evelyn thinks it's very 'hentai-porn', but hey, I figure some people might like it; decide for yourself, and feel free to paste the code to your site if you want to celebrate getting fucked.

Finally, thanks for all your responses to yesterday's post. I suppose that I sort of misrepresented option 2 a little; while I suppose it's kind of cool that I've suddenly developed a 'reputation' and 'standards', I have to say that my scrupulous avoidance of blogging about my personal life isn't due to the fact that I'm a reclusive, private person, but rather, because I think a lot of my life is rather boring. I've always kind of wanted to write about what I did with my day, and stuff like that, but I figured everyone would be bored stiff. Seeing as to how some of you (most notably adrian, who's opinion I sort of respect) asked me to just blog whatever the fuck I felt like, I figure I'll ramble a little today, you guys can see if you like it, and then I'll decide whether to keep putting up these little daily tirades or actually take a break and drop below the radar for a while.

So, yeah, today I figure I was massively productive. Well, at least in comparison with the last couple days, where I got absolutely nothing done whatsoever. I spent a good part of the afternoon in my lab doing data entry, where I reduced a mountain of papers to a couple bytes on my thumb drive. Looking at all the numbers in my excel spreadsheet, and the large stack of papers, I thought to myself, 'hahahaha, fuck you, large bulky stack of papers! I have squeezed all the useful information from you and put you into my data file! I am such a badass!"

Yes, I know, I'm sometimes a geek. Fuck you.

After sleeping through today's lab meeting, I was off to a rehearsal for the filipino student association's cultural show. No, I am not flipino. Yes, I am in the show. If you must know, I am dancing. I'm doing a little dance called the subli, in which I have to do a little move called the coffee grinder. Now, some of you might find this move ridiculously easy. Actually, come to think of it, it's not that bad; I figure I can do it without looking like a total jackass. I have a little difficulty, however, looking cool on stage, mainly because my philosophy in dancing is, 'hey, I'm having a good time, fuck off.' Nonetheless, I felt that I did a reasonably good job in the rehearsal; you know, I didn't look TOTALLY like shit.

I feel that it's vitally important that I get good grades, write kickass blog entries every day, drink like a champ AND rock the dance floor. I also feel it's vitally important that I make it look easy. I guess I've been starting to believe my own hype; sometimes, I feel that I should be a little more than human, that I am superman, because I am the big fuck. I'm not allowed to suck. Sucking is for losers.

I come down, off the stage, and sit with my buddy, the kung-fu master. I never feel good about dancing on stage, and am fishing for a compliment.

"Yeah, I totally looked like a dumbass, didn't I?" I say.

"At least you know yourself, right?" he replies.

So, I guess I must have sucked, after all. Maybe I am a loser.

Then, I realize that, some days, I don't have to be superman.

I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. I've been mighty productive today, and damn it, I feel awesome.

Today's Blog Babe: Billabong Girl


Blogger shuddupfirst spewed forth...


but, (no capitals now) I really think Evelyn, your blog babe of the month is really cute, and it is not only base on her looks, but also her great personality. I love her blog,too. Actually I already read her blog before. huhuhu because I AM THE CHIOBU STALKER, TOO! mawhhuauwhahuwahuwa. And i especially love her before and after during secondary school entry cause its so damn so damn funny (eh wait, was it her?) and especially love the fact that she loves naruto. SEXY NAN JUTSU!! *transform* AND also lucky didnt forget to mention: the fact that she likes hot girls Mwahhahahahahahah I love that pic of graduates *_*
again, i am not lesbian..



4/5/05 01:29  
Blogger Evelyn spewed forth...

You read my blog before? The old one ahs?

Yes the Mutation photos is mine. All mine. Muahahaha...I sure can be the lead role for Species and Alienz.

4/5/05 04:50  
Blogger Sancia spewed forth...

not sure if you still rem me. but heyy your entries never fail to make me laugh. I like the vulgar generosity of witty comments. x) and soon I'll see you having your own magazine with cover girls huh ?

4/5/05 06:00  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

Dude, I actually did the coffee-grinder AT ZOUK once. You know how when some people first start clubbing, they figure it's cool to be the first ones on the fucking dance floor, before the dance music actually starts, but end up making total jackasses of themselves? Yeah, that was me.

4/5/05 06:27  
Blogger Wongcheok spewed forth...

good thing i shuddup when u gave option one.

4/5/05 07:01  
Blogger CELLE spewed forth...

besides coffee grinder.. u should trry prata making and char kway teow frying dance moves.. they're freakin cool.. huehue

n yepp.. u shd blog watever fyuck u feel like...

and evelyn is dammmmm hottttttt.. *i like..*..

4/5/05 08:08  
Blogger Hai~Ren spewed forth...

That was pretty interesting as well. And hey, if you feel proud for accimplishing something, don't be afraid to share it with us!

And yeah, evelyn's hot. =P

4/5/05 12:19  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

IAIA: My hair cut already lah! Siao char bor! Thanks for leaving comment, though, today so slow, sia! Sian already. Bah.


sancia: of course I remember you, you're the crazy/beautiful one; I've actually been monitoring your blog, because I read ALL blogs. MUAHAHAHAHA. ok, that's just blatantly untrue. but anyway, i've been reading yours, and it's nice to hear from you. as to the cover girl thing, hahaha...why, you want to apply? you surely can make it, one! go for it, i say!

AQ: YES! I KNOW! holy shit man, i was that dumbass many many times. not at zouk, though - i've always been too poor for zouk. i am low class.

wongcheok: hahaha...that means you enjoyed this nonsense? alas, you appear to be a minority. i might just have to save up and write more powerful entries when i am free.

celle: haha....how you do those dance moves? you show me lah! with animated pictures, preferably. that would be cool stuffs.

hai~ren: hahaha...i where got proud? my life, boring sia.... boring! and yes, evelyn IS hot. too bad she got boyfriend, so everyone must join her long long queue of suitors. surely SUPER long one, lah....sian, sia!

4/5/05 17:05  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

That's actually quite entertaining. I mean what you wrote was quite entertaining.

4/5/05 17:10  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

Well, I did it at Sparks too, and various other less well-known pubs and discos, heheh. Yeah I used to think the coffee-grinder was so cool.

4/5/05 18:43  
Blogger jue_jun spewed forth...

eh...brudder...frank oso got problem har? piangz. anywayz u were prob the best male dancer on the stage then. but tt doesn't say much about the rest ;)
well, u do have your own style. now, tt's cool.

4/5/05 18:43  
Blogger YellowPony spewed forth...

I just wanted to let you know, I'm still alive, and still reading.
But nothing you have to say has struck a chord with me. Which is dissapointing. I fully support you writing something that will cause outrage. Perhaps something involving beanie babies? That would be pretty outrageous. Oi. I'm tired. Okay, bye.

4/5/05 19:54  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

sb: fanks, man!

AQ: my trademark dance move is 'the submarine', where i get really drunk and start dancing around on the floor, then popping up like a periscope, then go back to the floor again. it's really stupid looking, but people laugh.

gary: AIYAH! NO LAH! I actually appreciate your honesty, lah... it's a lot better than people who say nice things, and don't mean it. In fact, I have a bias to believe people who say I suck (as opposed to the people who say I am cool), mainly because I'm damn skeptical of praise. I know I looked like shit on stage lah... no big deal. Haha.

jess: I will endeavour to be outrageous, m'am. Perhaps I will post buttcheeks or something. I think I might just give this a rest for a while, though. I am tired too.

4/5/05 20:45  
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