Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am on my second last day of this quarter's finals week, this quarter being (hopefully) the last quarter that I take classes in my undergraduate career. That's right, I'm on the way out of here, bitches (unless I take that master's program, of course, but that's a whole other bag of worms). Anyway, having not slept all night last night, my brain is fried. Why was I up all night, you ask? Mainly because I was checking out the oh fuck I forgot what I was thinking. I TOLD YOU MY BRAIN WAS FRIED! WHY DOES NOBODY EVER BELIEVE ME? BASTARD!

When you're damn bad at getting down to work (like I am), you tend to find people working vaguely annoying. Everyone else in the library is totally immersed in their textbooks / computers / formula sheets; they look like they're being massively productive. I hate all these people. I mean, I'm not a violent guy, but sometimes I want to walk up behind these people and slap the back of their heads real hard so they crash into the screens of their laptops and break them, then laugh at them and say something like, 'HA HA! YOU'RE SUCH A DORK!' After this I'd run around the library pointing at the poor sod whose face (and laptop) I'd just smashed, screaming, 'LOOK AT THE DORK! WHAT A DORK!'

One day, when I am king of the world, I will make it illegal for people to work more than me. Actually, no, that's a really dumb idea. I knew my brain was fried. Shit. I mean, if everybody did less work than me, nobody would wash my clothes or take out my trash or stuff like that, and it would suck! I mean, I can do all this stuff myself now, but that's only because I'm so damn poor.

On another note, I'm damn poor. Give me money. Any money will do. I'm not picky. You can also offer me a job. This would also be awesome, seeing as to the fact that I am poor. I'm a quick learner, and pretty creative. Unfortunately, I am fucking lazy. This is the price you pay for my genius. Fortunately, I am incredibly humble, and thus easy to work with.

I really want to draw pictures, but I can't, since I'm in the goddamn library, and thus away from my GIMP (really awesome photoshop alternative) and my easy upload picture tools. This obviously makes it impossible for me to do anything. Except whinge about how fried my brain is, of course. It's like chicken. You know, the fried kind. That's how fried it is. I'm not talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is, like, sort of half-fried, I'm talking like, the cheap McDonald's ripoff of KFC which they used to fry the living daylights out of. Yeah, that's how fried my brain is.

That's it, I'm done here.


Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

Actually, no. Some guys in the library are just slacking around, doing msn and perhaps blogging. Trust me. Just look around and you'll know. Also, I feel your pain of not being able to concentrate. I should be doing my flash now but instead I'm doing this. What a loser I am.

15/3/05 12:46  
Blogger huang yun guang spewed forth...

hey... ur webbie is indeed big fuck... haha... but my webbie is bigger fuck... to noe y... come www.freeballingsurfing.blogspot.com

coz i got freeballs.

16/3/05 07:38  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

I am Cometh and i am impressed...


16/3/05 12:19  

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