Saturday, June 05, 2010

100 Posts and the End of the World

Ah, life in the capital is, predictably, just great. Just recovered from a nasty bout of what the doctor called "acute bronchitis" then later changed to "acute gastroenteritis", which for us laypeople translates into - "your chest is fucked up" then "your intestines are fucked up". Both are very much less fucked up now, thanks. The doctor's recommendation was something like, "get some rest. otherwise, it won't be life threatening, but it will be ...bad." In response, I took maybe half a day to roll around in bed before hauling myself back to the office out of some misguided sense of duty, after which I was thoroughly unproductive, half because, well, I was sick and half because I was pretty much feeling sorry for myself for being so sick. Then I got a little better, and I started thinking, "what's the point of all of this anyway?"

Recently had a visit from an old friend who, to phrase it most unpoetically, is unemployed. The japanese might say he is NEET - not in employment, education or training. He seems to be having a smashing time, which my colleagues pragmatically attribute to the fact that he has means. Good for him, I think to myself - why not take time off to do nothing when you can afford it? I remember once upon a time I told myself I would work six months a week and then take the money and goof off the other six months of the year. I wonder how many years ago I told myself I'd do that; I may have inadvertently wasted half of my life in the years in between! All that time I could have invested in cultivating a healthy state of leisure!

Then again, perhaps all this is idle talk - there are always those moments when you ask yourself - why am I where I am now? Is this what I wanted? Am I doing what I wanted to do? Living how I wanted to live? Surrounded with the people I wanted to be surrounded by? These questions are as persistent as the question of what you will eat today, what you will do tonight, where you will go tomorrow, and probably about as meaningful. Maybe I just need a drink.

Oh right, for those of you who followed this blog (the blogspot one), this is a hundred posts. Since 2005. I GUESS THAT CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION RIGHT?

Yeah, well, maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gor Nee Liao

The last entry on this blog reads August 2005. TWO THOUSAND FIVE, ok. Between now and then, woman can get preggers and have almost seven babies (ok lah maybe six). Since then I have gotten a job, moved house (twice), gotten in and out of trouble, changed my blog because people said, "eh, cannot write blog with bad word in the title, later nobody will read what you write, etc etc etc" then I got my own domain and decorated it and wrote nonsense on that for a while until I got too busy and now here I am, blogging back on this blogspot, on this bigfuck blog which I almost forgot about. See the banner, see the links on the side, all cui already. Seh kor liao. But what to do? Gor nee liao mah. Cow can grow from small small one to big big one then kill and let everyone makan in gor nee. Even if kena retained one year, still can start from sec one and then go until you take 'O' levels lor (or at least 'N' level lah hor).

As always, don't get your hopes up that I am back or some nonsense like that. As Jay Chou say, cowboy v busy. But it feels good to be here.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Rambo Tan is Born

Alright, I've officially moved house. From now on, I'll be posting at If you guys would be so kind as to update your links, feeds and whatnot, I'd be much obliged.

I know, right now it still looks a little like a newly renovated toilet. It's sort of like an apartment with only one couch and a mattress on the floor, but hey, it'll do for now, I figure. I'm trying to get the feeds up and running and all, and that'll take a bit of doing, I'm sure, but I figure I'm up to it.

Like I said, though, anyone who wants to help would be muchly appreci-ma-cated.

Later folks.

Friday, July 29, 2005

A Filler Post.

I know this place has been quiet of late, but I've gotten a new domain registered and want to get it up and running before I let everyone in. Right now the new site is an ugly shade of greenish brown, and has ugly big fonts and no content, so I want to tidy up my shit before letting anyone in, if you catch my drift.

As soon as I get everything nice and sparkly though, I'll let you all know where the site is; hopefully that'll be by this weekend, but hey, I have to earn a living AND go out and get wasted from time to time, too, you know.

Thanks for bearing with me, y'all. You guys are the bestest.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Late, Late, Late!

So, for all intents and purposes, you can say that I sort of have a job for the next couple of days. As usual, I am evasive and vague about the nature of said job, because, in reality, I am a fucking bum. If someone wants to give me money to do shit, please, by all means, give me a call. As long as it's fairly good money for fairly little work, I'd be happy to oblige. What to do? I am, at heart, a bum.

Anyway, going to work every morning involves, well, the same routine that everyone else has to go through - waking up at a semi-decent hour, putting on semi-decent clothes (no more wearing shorts and singlet all day long, even though I may be a kopitiam ah-pek in training, I now have to model the latest in fish-monger fashion in my free time... KANINAHIA), maybe even combing my hair (ok, actually no need to comb, since I cleverly cut it all off...SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!).

Today, the second day of going to work, I rolled out of bed at 10 and realized, 'fuck, I'm late as all fuck.'

The second day of work, and I'm already late as fuck.

How the hell am I ever going to make a decent living?