Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gor Nee Liao

The last entry on this blog reads August 2005. TWO THOUSAND FIVE, ok. Between now and then, woman can get preggers and have almost seven babies (ok lah maybe six). Since then I have gotten a job, moved house (twice), gotten in and out of trouble, changed my blog because people said, "eh, cannot write blog with bad word in the title, later nobody will read what you write, etc etc etc" then I got my own domain and decorated it and wrote nonsense on that for a while until I got too busy and now here I am, blogging back on this blogspot, on this bigfuck blog which I almost forgot about. See the banner, see the links on the side, all cui already. Seh kor liao. But what to do? Gor nee liao mah. Cow can grow from small small one to big big one then kill and let everyone makan in gor nee. Even if kena retained one year, still can start from sec one and then go until you take 'O' levels lor (or at least 'N' level lah hor).

As always, don't get your hopes up that I am back or some nonsense like that. As Jay Chou say, cowboy v busy. But it feels good to be here.


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