Monday, July 18, 2005

Moving On...

scan courtesy of scanning master lancerlord

So, finally, the newspapers managed to put my stupid picture in the stupid papers. Am I supposed to jump up and down and shout hooray now? People have all been congratulating me, saying now I very the famous, saying wah, see, now they recognize you liao!


Not that I want to be ungrateful or anything, but people put one tiny tiny picture only, then my URL also put so many starstarstar, how the fuck are people supposed to come find me? Most people I bet tried to surf to bigf***, and really put in the starstarstar. I wanted to go register that domain, hor, but then, kanina blogger cannot put starstarstar one. Other people kena newspaper, their hit counter jump jump jump like underneath people put pogo stick like that, my one move like a kanina tortoise like that. Fuck.

Aiyah, no choice lah, no choice. It was nice of them to put my picture up regardless, I suppose. All this just confirms what I've been thinking for a while - it's time to move URL already. My mother and father have been telling me all week that they want me to change my blog address, and now that we're living under the same roof, I don't have much of a choice.

So, all you ladies and gents, anyone have any good suggestions? I need to move somewhere easy to find, yeah? Somewhere eye-catching, but all the same, it has to be uniquely me. Also, despite the fact that I swear swear here and there, at least the URL must be clean, ok?

I try a lot already, but all kena chope leh! Quick quick give me suggestions.


Edit: ok, actuarry, hor, my hit counter IS jumping a bit. Looks like people know how to fill in starstarstar after all!


Blogger ei|een spewed forth...

big.. kahuna?
big.. thing?
big.. hotdog?
big.. dingdong?
big.. balls?
big.. iwanttoputdirtywordbutbetternotifnotnewspapercannotprint?

ah, so many many possibilities! haha!

18/7/05 23:27  
Blogger KingMeng spewed forth...

My 1st impression was ...then pple will think "WAH! Got BigFuck, and ORG(Y) somemore..."

OK! LAME!! I've checked, and these 2 ain't taken.

18/7/05 23:32  
Anonymous FF spewed forth...

19/7/05 00:48  
Blogger Soulless Somnambule spewed forth...

It's cool that you get recognized by the whole world tat u are the bigF*** .


Soulless Somnmbule

19/7/05 01:06  
Blogger Evelyn spewed forth...

19/7/05 01:12  
Blogger Ah 9 spewed forth... ?

19/7/05 01:25  
Blogger shuddupfirst spewed forth...

dun u getall big headed now!! have you found your cell!?!???!

19/7/05 01:26  
Blogger aberwyn spewed forth...

your hits nvr jump much cos you not chiobu. Only caleb like your ahbeng hair.

19/7/05 01:36  
Blogger Cowboy Caleb spewed forth...

You are the superstarstarstar

3x more starpower.

Lucky singaporean's england velly good. Young young already play hangman speling game. SO now can fill in the blanks.

19/7/05 01:43  
Anonymous eros spewed forth...

hmm... suggest you hokkienized your url, think the reporters at SPH don't really understand hokkien, that's why they allow cheebye but not bigfuck to be printed...

my suggestion

19/7/05 01:47  
Blogger yew hung spewed forth...

hi, i read da newspaper article 1 tin in da mornin...
ur url was kinda interestin so i came 2 check it out...
lol, nice vulgar, but u can do better than dat!!!
keep up da good vulgar and create a link 2 my blog 2!!!!

19/7/05 02:05  
Blogger not indie enough spewed forth...


19/7/05 02:31  
Blogger Shortphat K spewed forth...

Bro, 10 year olds would know that is starstarstar is fuck lah...oh u change ur addy or something

19/7/05 02:32  
Blogger andrew spewed forth...

19/7/05 04:12  
Blogger fayeth spewed forth...

We already have calmone right?
take lor =p
then u can be known as the big one =X

19/7/05 04:28  
Blogger Evelyn spewed forth...

eros suggestion damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19/7/05 04:40  
Anonymous Lynn spewed forth...

19/7/05 04:46  
Anonymous Galvin spewed forth...

Direct translation from English to Hokkien...


Good luck.

19/7/05 05:04  
Blogger BabeThePig spewed forth...

hmm but you ain't no hokkien one le.. shouldn't use hokkien translations..

Can? lol
ehh on my blog your link is "Big F***" Sorry man. lol

19/7/05 05:39  
Blogger sassyjan spewed forth...


hm~ beri feminine hor! lidat can attract more females readers leh!~ *hyak hyak hyak*

19/7/05 05:53  
Blogger Barffie spewed forth...

Hahaha. Come liquidblade lah.

Try :P

19/7/05 08:00  
Blogger Barffie spewed forth...

HAHAHAHA. NaiveGuy says DuahBai (another meaning of Bigfuck lor)

19/7/05 08:03  
Blogger The Hermit spewed forth...

saw you in today's newspaper. you are really funny.

19/7/05 08:15  
Blogger Stormtrooper's Lackey spewed forth...

how about

19/7/05 09:25  
Blogger Hai~Ren spewed forth... Hahaha...

19/7/05 09:58  
Blogger YanN spewed forth...

I think suits u quite well.

19/7/05 10:04  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

MUAHAHAHHAHA! wat starstarstar?!

where got ppl so stupid one!? lol. i nearly laugh off my seat. i suggest u put

19/7/05 10:19  
Blogger minishorts spewed forth...

HAHHA FARNEE SIAL... the way you say starstarstar... ahahaha

19/7/05 11:32  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

According to altavista, it's italian for big fuck, heheheheh.

19/7/05 11:56  
Anonymous koala spewed forth...

I read your fucking blog, your/they are fucking funneh.

I love how you fuck around with words. I love how you tell your stories.
It's fucking hi-la-ri-ous. Especially how you take your pictures on your com with your legs.
I fell off the chair reading that, literally. That's really gold. Fucking pure gold.

If I were you, I don't give a fucking shit about my domain because I am a big fucker.
However, if my domain is a problem to my blogs I would go with something like this... - I know.. not as shock - nothing to do with French Connection UK - another version of fuck... - austin power style

yadayada_you_get_it and so on...

You are truly a comedian who lives to perform. Fuckin keep blogging!

19/7/05 11:59  
Blogger Vicnan spewed forth...

eh people, poor guy already getting scolded by his parents, adding fuel to the fire ah?!

19/7/05 12:11  
Anonymous Scene_1 spewed forth...


19/7/05 17:51  
Anonymous tre spewed forth...

sorlee i kaypo. heh :p

19/7/05 18:01  
Blogger nadnut spewed forth... ? ? ? ---> LOL!

19/7/05 20:32  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

eileen: aiyoh....cannot lah cannot.

kingmeng: CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT! plus i am not alcoholic.

ff: knn what you trying to say? grrr....

ss: that's because i am such a big fuck mah. otherwise how to kena recognize?

evelyn: nehneh your cheebye lah. hiakhiak.

ah9: too wordy, but good try.

IAIA: yes i got cell already. call me i donch have your number.

aberwyn: sigh. no choice, no choice. i need to cut my ahbeng hair already.

cowboy: WAHAHAHHAHAHAHA YOU ARE THE FUNNY! superstarstarstar very long leh otherwise i take oredi

eros: not bad leh, but then unfortunately, my angmoh friends also no unnerstand hokkien. LIDDAT HOW LEH?

yewhung: are you really hung? or are you saying that i am hung? either way, i donch care i oni date pretty girls hor. hiakhiakhiak.

notindieenough: almost lah almost....

shortphat k: hahahha....need to change need to change, but no more big lah. i'm beyond big now.


fayeth: cannot lah, i have big one too hao lian already very unambiguous leh.

lynn: too explicit but good try.

galvin: hokkien cannot i say already.

angel: aiyah, people click mah it's ok. f star star star in papers is different lah you see lancerlord?

jan: you think i am a homersexual har? cannot lah, cannot! some suggestions were good lah, actually, but all taken liao.

barffie: i was thinking but setting up wordpress is bloody knn cheebye lehchey leh. i try before already and it gives me headache.

mr doctor: fanks.

stormtrooper: hokkien cannot.

hai~ren: bigstartstar? maybe lah.

me: are you me? who is me? me?

claris: wah lucky funny again lah. otherwise i must retire blog liao.

minishorts: you oso funny lah. hi five. why you never come singapore and meet us har?


koala: eeee surely get in trouble one with your ideas. but thanks anyway.


scene_1: too complicated. needs to be simple

tre: all taken lah. or too explicit.


20/7/05 00:00  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...


20/7/05 22:15  
Blogger YellowPony spewed forth...

I have no useful suggestions (and I'm also a little behind the times on this post) but I can understand the sentiment about living under the same roof as one's parents. *sigh*

25/7/05 11:28  
Blogger nadnut spewed forth...

lol. fag neednot mean gay :P

25/7/05 11:36  
Blogger Aoki spewed forth...

Also can put dashes..maybe

or maybe

or something like that?

28/7/05 20:45  
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