Thursday, June 23, 2005

Totally Awesome Theme Park Day

You know, I just realized that theme parks are so ridiculously expensive because, more often than not, they're a shitload of fun. Yes, from time to time the lines can be ridiculously long, some of the rides aren't that fantastic, other theme parkers are usually royal pains in the butt, and once in a while, the skies will open up and piss all over your parade, but hey, none of this alters the fact that you're given 12 hours or so to jump on as many mind-numbing, death-defying, stomach-wrenching rides as you possibly can, take as many pictures as your camera will allow and, in general, make a total jackass of yourself. I know - what could be more fun?

Being a seasoned theme park veteran, I figure I've come up with a pretty good method for tackling theme parks. I am a total theme park marauder - today I took my little brother to both of Orlando's Universal theme parks - when we weren't squeezing our way past the lines for attractions, or wrangling ourselves places in the express line, we'd be running from ride to ride. Considering we covered two theme parks in a day (pretty thoroughly, too, I might add), I figure we did pretty damn well for ourselves. I spent all day yelling, 'GO!GO!GO! HURRY! QUICK QUICK IF YOU SLOW DOWN CANNOT SIT ALL THE RIDES ALREADY! FASTER FASTER!' one second, then the next second yelling, 'WAIT! STOP! TAKE PICTURE!'

Yes, it might have rained for about 5 hours (or perhaps 5 billion? Who's counting?) and we might have sat next to a bunch of excitable fat people on some of the rides (you know, those twits who spend the whole ride going 'WHOO!! OH! AIYEEYEEYEEEEYEEE!!!' and occupying half your seat with their overflowing buttcheeks, but hey, all in all, it was still an awesome, awesome day.


Blogger Darth Sidious spewed forth...

Is that an old arsenal jersey I see?

Family bonding..What next?

23/6/05 02:31  
Blogger fabz spewed forth...

do post more themepark pics...haha. ya...i am a theme fanatic as well...covered Orlando's Disney and universal parks 2 years ago...wished that i could be back there again...heh

23/6/05 08:02  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

hey Joel! hisashiburi! osokunatta kedo sotsugyo omedetou! so are you going back to Singapore now that you've graduated? or will you still be in the states? newayz, have a lot of fun this summer! take care!

23/6/05 15:05  
Blogger sunflowr spewed forth...


23/6/05 18:38  
Anonymous gab spewed forth...

island of adventure damn fun right

23/6/05 23:02  
Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot spewed forth...

Damn I wish I was there with you. I love sitting on those cutesy train rides. And my favourite ones involve water.

24/6/05 06:23  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

Eh? No girl with you?

24/6/05 09:37  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

i miss these sort of theme park rides!! AWWWWw.. i miss my fun. :(
you must have enjoyed urself. :)

24/6/05 11:34  
Blogger Green Ogre spewed forth...

Heh seems like you had fun. You're right. In spite of all the shit, theme parks can be fun. Maybe, it might even be less fun without all those arseholes around. Ghost theme parks without people? Sounds like a recipe for B-grade movies.

24/6/05 11:46  
Anonymous Christina spewed forth...

way cool theme-park-day.

25/6/05 19:53  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

darth sid: indeed, it is an arsenal jersey. i'm a gooner and i'm proud of it.

fabz: ha...i'll have to wait till my dad's digital camera is in my posession again. which will be a while. don't hold your breath.

aiko: arigatou! taste of chicago was pretty fun, yeah? anyway, how's boston and all? i'll read your xanga and stuff, so be sure to keep us all posted, yeah?

sunflowr: yes, wheee.

gab: of course lah. especially since i was there. i bring the party.

lmd: yes, i love those water rides too. i'm sure you'd be a blast to theme park with. too bad there are so few good theme parks in the region.

sb: got. my little sister. it was a family vacation, lah, you silly dude.

claris: how can you miss your fun? are you not having enough? perhaps you need to hang out more with me. i am great fun.

ogre: i don't know how you managed to bring up ghost theme parks, but man, that's a strange idea.

christina: yes. i love cool theme park days.

27/6/05 06:27  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

well, you won't wanna hang out with me. im dull and boring

27/6/05 09:43  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

claris: see, that's the kind of attitude which will ensure you have a less than awesome time.

27/6/05 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

wow. TWO theme parks in a day covering almost all the rides is pretty damn awesome!

you should write about the tactics and strategies that you used (or that one should use at theme parks). that'll be a great entry. i hate the snaking queues.

1/7/05 22:03  
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