Saturday, June 04, 2005

Thrift Store Day

The best thing about thrift stores is that they're cheap. As in, real cheap. I love cheap stuff,

A couple things make thrift stores even better:

1) Half-off day. What an incredible idea!! Whereas you would previously pay, say 3 bucks for a jacket, you now get it for the paltry sum of a buck fifty! I was tempted to pay in change. It felt like I was spending no money at all!

Tada! A jacket and a hat for a buck fifty each! Hurrah!

2) Stylo-ass garbage bag raincoats. It was raining very hard, and we had no raincoats, but the store owner gave us garbage bags. They were cool.

Here I am modelling the latest in rainy day fashion:

COOL RIGHT! I know, I know.

3) Good company.

Yeah, today was an awesome day, but it wouldn't have been cool without a spontaneous companion for the long-ass bus ride / fashion advisor. Ok, time to go out. Catch y'all later.

Today's Blog Babe: cubatastic


Blogger nadnut spewed forth...

hey... which thrift shop did u go to? love the hat!

5/6/05 04:50  
Blogger Wongcheok spewed forth...

that hat's the shiznit man. heh.

5/6/05 05:49  
Anonymous jaclyn spewed forth...

i love the hat
for a buck fifty, it's practically a steal
i'm jealous
*green with envy*

5/6/05 07:00  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

why everyone love tt hat?! i love tt raincoat and plastic turban! big fuck u are so cute in them! all rubbery. protected leh..

5/6/05 09:21  
Blogger oddlola spewed forth...

I think thrift stores are fantastic and unfortunately in Singapore we only have the Salvation Army.

5/6/05 12:19  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

I'm going to be thinking of you as Joel Singh from now on.

5/6/05 12:27  
Blogger Mail Order Bride spewed forth...

wah laogong so hansem. I like your hat. A fedora?

5/6/05 13:01  
Anonymous nemisis spewed forth...

Hey are you going to be back in Singapore anytime soon?

5/6/05 14:15  
Blogger Ah 9 spewed forth...

the turban is totally awesome on you.

5/6/05 23:58  
Blogger Jiameei spewed forth...

Haha, as Claris said, " all rubbery. protected leh"- that turban and raincoat are like rain condoms.

A dolla fifty!

7/6/05 03:49  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

nad: i went to this shop in pilsen. it was cool. a little far away, but it was awesome. probably the wrong country, though.

wongcheok: fanks, man.

jaclyn: the price makes it better, doesn't it.

claris: the turban was even cheaper than the hat.

olt: agreed. singapore needs more thrift stores. gah.

sb: singh your head lah. it's plastic.

wifey: dunno. cheap one lah.

nemisis: yeah, hopefully. don't worry, i'll announce it.

9: errr....thanks, i guess.

jiameei: yes. pro-tec-ted, sia!

9/6/05 02:35  
Blogger nadnut spewed forth...

shucks... cant get them... :(

9/6/05 10:09  

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