Thursday, May 26, 2005

You Can Shove that Baton where the Sun Don't Shine

So, I finally get the notorious musical baton that's going around, a full week after Mr. Brown gets it. A week, in blogging time, might as well be ten billion years or something, because now the whole musical baton thing is as old as Michael Jackson's original face. As far as I'm concerned, I could do the whole musical baton meme, which would, in essence, be saying, 'look at me, I have nothing better to post, I'm taking the easy way out' or I could just give this whole thing a big fuck style 'fuck you' and tell the whole phenomenon to kiss my ass.

See, when adrian tagged me (and, like, eight other people or something), I figured, meh, he tagged a whole bunch of people, so I can just sit this one out and ignore it. Then one of my real life friends, the mysterious mr. elia d, goes and tags me as well. So now I can't ignore this whole thing. Motherfuck. The big question is, how did this meme get so fucking huge? How is it that everyone loves talking about their music / music collections so much? What the fuck does it say about you? I have no fucking clue.

In my opinion, it all boils down to the same thing. A digital dick measuring contest. You say you have 15 gigabytes of pirated digital music on your school computer? I have 35. Yes, that's right, 35 gigabytes of music - and that's only on ONE of my hard drives, and not counting my 20 gigabyte iAudio M3, or the music I have on some dusty hard drive in Singapore, or my dvd libraries of mp3s, which I have a whole bunch of, because my hard drive is only so big. I have a shitload of music. I thus win, because my digital musical dick is fucking huge. Hurrah. How many days of music is that? Many, many days; I tried to cue them all in winamp, but my winamp crashed. That's how much music I have. Kiss my ass.

You know, to be honest, I hate talking about music. While I like listening to GO!GO!7188 and stuff like that, I always feel like I'm being pretentious and deliberately obscure when I talk about music. I suppose I've been hanging out with hipsters for too long, and can't shake the habit. Sue me.

So, yeah, talking about music is a little too touchy for me. It's like trying to establish a sort of street cred - to show you're cool, to show your taste isn't shit, or just to establish some sort of individuality. I already did all that nonsense with my post on the flim meme on my livejournal. I'm a music snob. I can't help reading about what other people listen to and thinking, 'shit, that's crap music. what a dickhead'. I'm therefore not going to give anyone the opportunity to judge me. Besides, I'm not going to do a meme a whole week after it's hit the Singapore blogosphere - who the hell do you think I am? Next time someone wants to hit me with a meme, do it early, unless you're a blogebrity (c-list also can), in which case you can hit me any time, baby.

Finally, the whole business of passing batons - it's all about the politics, isn't it? For example, say some no-name, never-heard-of dude tries to get me to do a meme. There's probably no chance in hell I'm going to do it. Say mr brown requests your meme participation - now, that's almost guaranteed to get at least a reaction, right? To be honest, I feel slighted by the whole internet. Getting a meme late is like not being invited to that crappy party you weren't planning on going to - it's like the whole internet is saying to me, 'hey, you know what? You're not cool enough for the musical baton party. Fuck you, big fuck.' You know what internet? Here's my response:

Alright, that's all I have to say about the musical baton. Now I'm going to go play video games again.

Oh, almost forgot! Today's Blog Babe: jctang, from Shortphat K; apparently, she doesn't like being blog babed, so the link is taken down. I figure it wouldn't be fair to just put another blog babe up for half a day, so I'm going to leave this post like this. Ok.


Blogger Wongcheok spewed forth...



26/5/05 10:02  
Anonymous Elia Diodati spewed forth...

That's the last time I send you anything. :p

26/5/05 11:16  
Blogger Anthony spewed forth...


Exposing my music tastes makes me less cool, not more. Heck, I admitted to liking "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper.

How uncool is that?!

No, didn't get the baton. I just got taunted by a RL friend of mine on her blog.

26/5/05 11:52  
Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

35 gig!!!! u can store a library of movies with that!

26/5/05 13:22  
Blogger The One spewed forth...

sheesh. 35gig. 35000mins of music? don't ask me to do mental sums as to how many hours/days is that. my brain's already fried enough.
35gig and still counting... haha. :P

26/5/05 17:36  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

Dude, that's an awesome post. You had me cracking up. And the baton was passed to me late too, but I'm too cool to care about how cool that makes me look. Anyway, I once again stipulate that I do NOT have music on my hard disk. Not a single byte of it.

26/5/05 18:51  
Blogger MaKan GuRu spewed forth...

This is why i omitted you from my list. Cause it would be a total waste of time.......

26/5/05 21:38  
Blogger MaKan GuRu spewed forth...

just got you tomorrowed though......

26/5/05 23:28  
Anonymous Willy spewed forth...

35 gig - wah your hard dick drive so big and powrerful

27/5/05 00:09  
Blogger gaston spewed forth...

Livejournal had the meme months before Blogspot even smelt the meme.


27/5/05 00:11  
Blogger Shortphat K spewed forth...

Yo J,

JC scold me leh...she say she no blogbabe. So to save meself from the fury of a woman scorn, i think better take down her link lah....sorry

27/5/05 00:52  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

wongcheok: fanks.

elia: aiyah, i appreciate the intent lah. i'm just slighted that nobody else tagged me earlier. i'm sometimes very petty one, you know.

anthony: if you haven't got the baton yet, you better pray you don't get it, otherwise very lame.

gabrielle: my movie library is currently around 60 gig. my hard drive very big you know.

eka: i stopped downloading shit a while ago, though - lately i've been looking for ps2 games instead.

AQ: yes, i believe you, it's ok. and yes, it's cool, regardless of whether you memed or not. i just didn't feel like playing by the meme rules.

makanguru: actually, to be fair, once in a while, i will participate in a meme if people tag me early, or if it catches my interest. i did the whole too sexy for my blog thing, and worst come to worst, normally, people can persuade me to put stuff up on my livejournal or xanga. it's the whole bark and bite thing, you know? as for getting tomorrowed; heh - fanks ah.

willy: OF COURSE; now then you know.

gaston: while early meme adoption might show how LJs 'pwn' blogs in general, your claim that YOUR lj 'pwns' MY blog is the equivalent of walking into a mexican bar and saying chinga tu madre. are you challenging me to a duel? you must fear my 'leet skillz' you know.

shortphat: wah you so troublesome one ah - aiyah, never mind lah. it's all good in the hood, right? i damn lazy to edit sia.

27/5/05 02:26  
Blogger gaston spewed forth...

I don't usually drop that phrase my LJ friends and I invented for the Blogger Bubble, andI did it in jest because the meme reminded me of the LJ-Blogspot differences.

Of course I don't want to insult you or your mother, and I obviously fear your l33t skills. I'll retract that statement in hope that you will one day share your 35 gig tresure trove.

27/5/05 02:59  
Blogger Shortphat K spewed forth...

Ha, Sorry man...I'm feelin ya...we be all trippin' in da hood!!! hahah..get u blogbabe next time that would luv to be your poster gal for the month

27/5/05 04:34  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

That article actually got featured in Tomorrow. But I guess you already know it.

27/5/05 09:58  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

gaston: i was just foolin' man; about dueling you, that is. i do, indeed, have 'leet skillz'.

shortphat: eh, no biggie.

sb: yes, i know all. muahahaha.

28/5/05 11:26  
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