Tuesday, May 24, 2005

So Yeah, I'm Back

So, at long last, I am (temporarily) done with (most of) my shit. Yes, ladies and gents, the big fuck is back. Amazingly enough, though, now that I'm back, I have no idea what to write.All of a sudden, now that I'm not pulling my hair out in stress, I can't think of anything even remotely interesting to say; it seems my life has, all of a sudden, become even more mundane than before.

Thoughts I had today:

1) The cat is in a bad mood. It scratched me today, and tried to bite me. I got real pissed off, and chased it round the house with a water gun. That was actually kind of fun. What happened to the good old days when you could kick a cat without fear of repercussions from your conscience (or, indeed, the SPCA)? This fucking pet needs to learn that humans are in charge. Skanky little bastard.

2) Sitting around and playing video games is awesome.

3) Grocery stores in Hyde Park close far, far, too early. Considering that I woke up at about 8.30, and the fucking store closed at 9, I had no way of buying food, and thus was forced to have cereal for dinner. Nothing says, 'I'm a miserable bastard' better than eating cereal for dinner. Not that I dislike cereal, but everyone knows that dinner is the most importanat meal of the day.

4) BLOGGER IS ACTING UP AGAIN. Today, for a heart-stopping couple of hours, my blog disappeared. I prepared a whole post on aliens and the CIA and shit like that, but then it appeared again. Also, I realized that the whole aliens are abducting my blog post would be kind of stupid if I didn't have a blog to put it up on. I suppose I would have published it on my livejournal or something. Whatever.

5) See, I told you my life was mundane.

I'm going to go and play some video games and hope I chance upon the meaning of life or something. For now, though, I'm going to try my best not to bore you.


Today's Blog Babe: Blinkymummy, courtesy of Kelvin


Blogger Evelyn spewed forth...

Welcome back dude. Yeah thought ur blog kana eaten up by aliens and shit.

25/5/05 01:40  
Blogger Shortphat K spewed forth...

Life is boring dude! blogbabe u first as a welcome back prezzie: http://www.xanga.com/jctang

25/5/05 02:11  
Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

hey! welcome back! i tot ur blog was sucked up by a blackhole...

can't wait to read all ur crappiness again.

25/5/05 02:21  
Blogger Wongcheok spewed forth...

with you and adrian being on hiatus the past week or so, things've been getting friggin boring man.

welcome back man!

25/5/05 04:32  
Blogger Ah 9 spewed forth...

u dun see much sun do u? waking up at 8.30pm??

25/5/05 04:36  
Blogger Jiameei spewed forth...

There's a very, very nice Malaysian restaurant at Bayswater; and if I'm not mistaken, they don't close too early.

And somehow the mental image of you chasing your cat with a water gun is just hilarious. Cruel- but hilarious.

Welcome back. *hugs*

25/5/05 08:36  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

wongcheok: Dude, you really know how to rub my ego the right way.

Big Fuck: This entry's blog babe has got to be my fave ever.

25/5/05 12:35  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

If you chase your cat around with a water gun again, can you record it so that we can watch what you do?

25/5/05 13:27  
Blogger Anthony spewed forth...

Video Games are the I-Ching, the Tao, Nirvana, Ascension and the sum and total of existence. Except for D&D. D&D must exist for existence to have meaning.


Welcome back.

25/5/05 22:44  
Anonymous Furball spewed forth...

U are so sick to chase the cat!

26/5/05 00:10  
Blogger saMmi spewed forth...

lol cat lurver alert

26/5/05 03:40  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

evelyn: ME ALSO. when my blog paused for a while, i kena heart attack almost, man.

shortphat: wah, you're almost more dilligent than I am in looking for new blog babe links. Ok lah, I feature her.

gabrielle: i will endeavour to be crappy.

wongcheok: well, as you can see, the end of hiatus doesn't automatically imply increase in quality.

9: i often stay up all night. my sleep patterns are damn crazy.

jiameei: what bayswater? you must be thinking of the wrong hyde park lah - i live in hyde park, chicago. which is a totally different hyde park.

aq: issit? i didn't go and see her site leh.

sb: buy me a video cam, and i will most definitely oblige you.

anthony: wow. that's scary.

furball: aiyah, it's part of my tough love policy. i'm nice to him sometimes.

sammi: alert! alert!

26/5/05 11:31  
Anonymous Furball spewed forth...

oh! okie, for that assurance, i shall love u again.

26/5/05 14:59  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

As I read this, I am eating cereal for dinner. Fucker.


26/5/05 18:30  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

It is, dude. Go check her out. She's quite interesting.

26/5/05 18:47  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

furball: ah, that makes me feel better.

vish: loser. go buy groceries and come over; i'll make dinner as long as you buy food.

aq: i have. she's cool, yeah. my china is damn shit though, so hard.

27/5/05 02:18  
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