Saturday, May 07, 2005

Post-Its from The Edge

I'm officially on hiatus. Just saying hi:


Blogger CELLE spewed forth...

oh dearr dearr.. dun die.. but i guess u can still ressurect and write thesis after heh..

7/5/05 02:14  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

have fun with your thesis. >:)

7/5/05 02:28  
Anonymous Jamin spewed forth...

ehh and after that can write some kickin' essays for me pls pls pls? (:

7/5/05 04:48  
Blogger Hai~Ren spewed forth...

Happy writing. And trust me, although you say you're going on hiatus, sooner or later you WILL relapse. Haha... =D

7/5/05 07:29  
Anonymous Jol spewed forth...

Jamin just cut and paste his cod essay lah. :)

7/5/05 08:47  
Anonymous jamin spewed forth...

cannot, it has to be about public goods and externalities and the Coase theorem! How's Cambridge, MA.? I really should be writing my essays now. d:

7/5/05 09:03  
Blogger sunflowr spewed forth...

why are you reading this? Shoooo!!

7/5/05 10:31  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

Well, hi as well. Here's to self control.

7/5/05 12:28  
Blogger YellowPony spewed forth...

Writing from the grave? Impressive.

7/5/05 15:58  
Anonymous kuminosita spewed forth...

Big fuck
big fuck..
where the fuck art thou?
the fucking internet is fucking boring without your wankathons..
return to us quickly ...

7/5/05 18:48  
Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

ok lah write thesis... smoke through lor..

7/5/05 22:14  
Blogger ~*Starryluvly*~ spewed forth...

damn, I have a thesis to finish too!! Due in less than two weeks... argh!!! Hope your thesis situation isn't as pathetic as mine. =)

7/5/05 22:48  
Blogger - spewed forth...

die already how to write thesis? hehe :) ur handwriting says that u r lazy but extremely intelligent :p

the quick and witty sort who comes up with all sorts of excuses (erm, i meant reasons)

8/5/05 00:46  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

oh be back real soon big fuck!

8/5/05 01:24  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

Her nose is too big for her face.. Not pretty at all.

8/5/05 06:11  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

celle: yah. of course i can resurrect. i got many virtual lives one. oh, shit, wait, no, i've been playing GTA again. bugger.

AQ: Siao! It's no fun at all!

jamin: caaannn...i find my old econs s ones lor! or i ask my friend to write lah! sure can one!

hai~ren: if by 'relapse' you mean 'check comments,' then i relapse every ding dong day.

sunflowr: i have no discipline, lah!

sb: gaaaaah!!! self control be damned!

jess: not only do i write from the grave, i also constantly have a case of angel lust. oh, no, wait, that's just mornings.

andy: aiyah, writing post-its lah. not shiok enough isit? go climb the eiffel tower and eat baguettes lah!

gabrielle: if thesis can smoke through, i wouldn't have quit tobacco.

starry: believe you me, it is. if not more so. i'm screwed.

blacksnow: i'm really lazy. this is true. die already can write thesis. very slowly.

claris: i'll try! i'll send post-its, too!

anon: who are you talking about? if it's eve, then you are stupid, because i think she's gorgeous.

8/5/05 06:44  
Blogger ~*Starryluvly*~ spewed forth...

erm ok... we'll be screwed together then. *somehow that did not come out right*

9/5/05 13:55  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

errr...yeah, i suppose so.

9/5/05 20:04  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

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15/2/07 18:53  

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