Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Slump

As of last night's one man drinking binge, it's become official - I am in a slump.What, exactly, you might ask, constitutes a slump? It's kind of hard to explain a slump, so I figured I'd illustrate it. The first characteristic of a slump is antipathy. Consider the following:

original image here

original image here

Two out of the above four individuals exhibit evidence of being in a 'slump'. Can you guess which ones they are?

The other defining characteristic of a slump is extreme lethargy. As many of you know, I am quite a lazy person. When I am in a 'slump', however, this is gravely exacerbated, sort of like this:

original image here

original image here

Indeed, people who say things like this might be in what you could call a slump.

So yes, if I'm a little cranky, it's to be expected. If I haven't done my homework, well, I'll get round to it eventually. If my life seems to be spiralling dangerously out of control at the moment, well, whatever. Also, if my blog entries suck, you can get in the line to kiss my ass, because I can't really find it in myself to give a fuck, or to think of anything clever to say. I leave you to consider this picture:

original image here

Alright, that's it. I'm going to go play some video games and drink some beer already. Damn it all.

Today's Blog Babe: Jean Seductive; when I first saw this site, I was pretty freaked out by all the self-mutilation and satan worship comments this girl made, but her site is like a really bad accident where there's blood and gore spilled all over the road; you just can't look away.

Edit: Oh yes, Julie Fredrickson, who goes to the same school as me, asked me to plug her blog. I have checked out said blog, and I have decided that yes, I will plug it, if only because she writes nice things about me here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page).


Blogger speciousity spewed forth...

oh i'm sorry you're going thru a slump honey. at least you're still extremely entertaining (and prolific)? so go you! =)

2/5/05 00:36  
Anonymous luminosita spewed forth...

Blog Babe: She is not bad ah ...

2/5/05 04:41  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

Dude, drinking alone is the most macho thing anyone can do. You're not in a slump, you're peakin'! Putting words in other people's mouths is the rulest, but they could all do with moustaches, I think. Heheheheheheheh

2/5/05 05:17  
Blogger Hai~Ren spewed forth...

WHOAH. How do you find these girls?? 0_o

2/5/05 10:04  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

Wah...all of 4 comments. I feel so loved.

jo: thanks dahling, you're a sweetheart.

andy: haha...i guess so lah....

AQ: eh, you can only draw so many moustaches.....

actually, no, you're right. too bad i'm so lazy.

hai~ren: trust me, i sift through A LOT of shitty blogs to find the good stuff. why do you think i keep bitching about shitty blogs?

2/5/05 23:28  
Blogger Lion spewed forth...

much thanks for all the shitty blogs you have to trudge through to bring me my daily dose of blog babes.

3/5/05 10:54  
Blogger Slipperysnake spewed forth...

You are sooo fucking cool! If only I had the brains and potty mouth to think of it first! I love people who enjoy swearing. Go fuck yourself! Love, slipperysnake

3/5/05 11:39  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

lion: haha...what else would I do, my homework? I don't think so!

snake: thanks for the compliment, and fuck you too. regards, j.

3/5/05 11:53  
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