Monday, May 09, 2005

The Continuing Saga of Post-Its from The Edge

Today's Blog Babe was brought to you by Mr. Luminosita, aka. Andy.


Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

I keep saying the first statement to myself when I have something important to do.

9/5/05 19:43  
Blogger Panda Gets Bear spewed forth...

i am totally digging these post-its from the edge. i am going to copy the idea :P

9/5/05 21:08  
Blogger Wongcheok spewed forth...

lol. post-it series. i think u hit upon another oilfield of brilliance, j. i like the first 2 real bad.

10/5/05 00:21  
Blogger Sancia spewed forth...

me misses your blog entries. x)

10/5/05 02:07  
Blogger Jiameei spewed forth...

It's just a couple of beers.

10/5/05 04:26  
Anonymous Jamin spewed forth...

eh you need to disconnect your internet for a while lah, get the work done, and then reconnect. I also. bleagh.

10/5/05 04:56  
Blogger Evelyn spewed forth...

I know you've been waiting for my email...

*wink wink*

10/5/05 07:46  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

hw shd i say, they looked photoshopped. but on the other hand, they looked scanned in. argh.. i tink i shd see a shrink. im too contradicting! but anyway, wad are they? scanned in? or drawn via some software

10/5/05 10:06  
Blogger ~*Starryluvly*~ spewed forth...

One which always seems to happen with me:

"I don't understand this, I should call AAA"

Which of course results in a two hour long conversation, with no clarification of the original question whatsoever.

10/5/05 11:01  
Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

haha the first and last statement is what I ALWAYS say to myself when i need to study for exams!!

Thank goodness it's over.

10/5/05 11:03  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

sb: yeah, don't we all...don't we all.

mlle b: I'm quivering in anticipation. Awesome.

wongcheok: i'm glad you enjoy them. awesome!

sancia: what, you dislike post-its? hahaha. i'll be back as soon as i finish this nonsense that i have to write.

jiameei: yes, it's always just a couple, isn't it? no, no it isn't. it's NEVER a couple! agghh!!!

jamin: not only that, i also need to lock up my ps2, turn off my phone, and go live in a cave. sian!


claris: aiyah, they are all scanned lah - it's just that it makes them flat, that's why they look weird.

starry: triple A is the devil, i'm sure. bastards!

gabrielle: rub it in some more. too much.

10/5/05 13:46  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

Unfortunately I have to buck the trend this time, dude. Post something more substantial! I've been reduced to mindlessly reading your archives for chrissake.

11/5/05 07:12  
Anonymous echa spewed forth...

damn right heheh...when i say "just", then it is just, don't realise that i really have lots of things to do and in the end I get mad when I notice that i still have to do it while i don't have enough time again hmmm -_-

11/5/05 07:31  
Blogger Green Ogre spewed forth...


Your site’s a nice, fun read. Oh, sorry it’s not all that nice, French-wise. But it is fucking good.


11/5/05 08:17  
Anonymous echa spewed forth...

and I've actually ever been here before via Xiaxue, only I didn't leave any message at that time. Your blog is fun :)

11/5/05 11:27  
Blogger CyBorg spewed forth...

stumbled upon ur blog from Celly's.
Cool.... the fuck word interests me!
U are a real big Fucker....
all Hail the big Fuck!

from a minor fucker!

11/5/05 13:07  
Blogger CyBorg spewed forth...

stumbled upon ur blog from Celly's.
Cool.... the fuck word interests me!
U are a real big Fucker....
all Hail the big Fuck!

from a minor fucker!

11/5/05 13:07  
Blogger shuddupfirst spewed forth...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11/5/05 21:48  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

AQ: ok lah ok lah, based on your one comment, i have posted. and now i go back and relak, err, i mean, err, work, again.


green-ogre: french-wise?

imran-x: errr...fanks, i guess. fuck.

12/5/05 01:18  
Anonymous squidshake spewed forth...

hey j, just thought i'd drop by for a while. love the post its.

12/5/05 01:43  
Blogger Green Ogre spewed forth...

Sorry, just lame. I meant the "fuck" word. Throwing the fuck word about puts your blog in the PG rating. Although I do liek the liberal application of the word for so many things.

It's about fucking time that some fucker gave a fuck.

12/5/05 20:47  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

squidshake: fanks. i'm out of post-its though. as in, i'm physically out of them.

greenogre: no worries, man. yeah, fuck.

13/5/05 10:22  
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