Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Which Blogger am I?

So, the other day I took kenny sia's increasingly popular singapore blogger quiz. I'd been checking comments on my blog in my retreat, and I got a couple (meaning, one) comments (ok, fine, i got one comment) from this guy saying something like 'I TOOK KENNY SIA'S QUIZ AND HE SAID I'M YOU'; it was the sort of dumbfounding comment that makes me wonder about parallel universes, before I realize that it's actually referencing an internet quiz.

Somehow, though, this quiz was different. Why? I'll tell you why.

1) Kenny Sia is a funny guy. Everyone says Kenny Sia is a funny guy. You know what? Kenny Sia actually IS a funny guy. I had to say it so many times because I resent people being funnier than me. THE BASTARDS! WHY ARE YOU GUYS FUNNIER THAN ME? FUCK YOU GUYS.

2) I am one of the possible answers. How kick-ass is this? Haven't you ever wanted a quiz where people can say 'hey, I'm you?' Naturally, I had to go and take the test and see if I would be me. I've always wanted to be me, I hear being me is kind of cool.

OK, so I went to take the quiz, and lo and behold, it pronounced me Mr. Miyagi!

I figure, you know, being Mr. Miyagi is pretty cool. He's a cool blogger. Everyone seems to be going on about how cool he is. But, you know, I'm cool too, and I like being me. I clicked the 'back' button, and filled out a couple questions different. Lo and behold, I got:

I tried it a third time. Still Miyagi. Maybe I wasn't changing enough answers. I revamped all my answers, thinking long and hard about what Kenny would think I was like, and I came out...

By now I was frenetic. I changed answers like mad, shifting things here and there - kenny should know I have a shitload of music on my computer, he should be able to guess I was born on or around 81, and perhaps he would know that I thought episode 3 sucked. I changed all the other answers around, then I found that suddenly I was...

Ok, actually first I got finicky feline, but then that was such a freak incident that somehow, when I decided to write a blog entry about this fiasco, I couldn't get myself as a result.

Finally, I tried to get myself, the old-fashioned way. I read entries written by people who had gotten results proclaiming them 'big fucks'; I read the description Kenny wrote of me. I read a whole bunch of stuff, and contrived to get the answers just right, so I'd get to display a sticker saying that I was me, so that I'd pass Kenny Sia's newly given identity test, so that I could say, damn it, I'm the real big fuck.

After all my effort, I came out xiaxue. Damnit Kenny, I give up. What do I have to do to be me?


Blogger sassyjan spewed forth...

I think Kenny would have to end those choice that 'belongs' to you with 'Fuck'.
Won't that be so much easier?

haha~ this post is hilarious nevertheless.

15/6/05 01:40  
Blogger sassyjan spewed forth...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15/6/05 01:40  
Blogger sassyjan spewed forth...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15/6/05 01:40  
Anonymous anonymous spewed forth...

Leave all blank until Q8, put E, C for Q9, and A - Q10 (damn the narcissist Kenny!).

You'll get you! :-)

15/6/05 01:57  
Blogger Lion spewed forth...

if it is any consolation i am you too.this is how i did it..
1. my name(duh!)
10. ummm...do I have a choice...

but when i tried it again i lot this:
Finicky feline.
Grr..maybe it is a random thing...

15/6/05 02:05  
Blogger Lion spewed forth...

i mean i 'got' not lot

15/6/05 02:06  
Blogger YanN spewed forth...

Haha. You can try asking people who managed to end up with ur identity..

I tried the quiz three times with some answers changed and I still ended up as you. Funny.

15/6/05 03:47  
Anonymous c. spewed forth...

eheh. you could've right-clicked and selected "View Source". if you look at the comment tags (i.e. < !-- and -- >), under each option, you'll see what are the ones that are supposed to be "you" (you're noted there as "bf").

anyway, try it! :)

15/6/05 04:21  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

No one is themselves these days.

15/6/05 05:57  
Blogger KwokSiong spewed forth...

hey i did the quiz again after reading this entry, and i must say you're damn bloody funny!!!!

back to the point. my answers are somewhat similar to lion's.

2. A
3. A
4. B
5. B
6. D
7. B
8. E
9. C

15/6/05 07:35  
Blogger zeslene spewed forth...

i got you! cool! (: on my first try too. xD gee.

15/6/05 08:43  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

it might just be a random thing. programmed to give a random answer everytime?

15/6/05 09:28  
Anonymous FF spewed forth...

what is wrong with being me?! Nabeh.

15/6/05 11:04  
Blogger suspiciousbastard spewed forth...

I didn't even bother to do the quiz. Because I remember what you said about online quizzes.

15/6/05 13:13  
Blogger shuddupfirst spewed forth...

hey auntie~~ sory sory late CONGRADUATION ON YOUR *duuh* GRADUATION! MEAHRUIHEUIRAHEIUHIUERHIUERHUIE my sis just grad 2 days ago too @_@ mwahiuerhuiaeHI congratulations and celebrations..a emrHIUHEUrihEA
my parents also *being asian* gn go school and take pics in school next week. so weird. so paise. my sis gt wear the robes again !_!

15/6/05 13:37  
Blogger The Screwy Skeptic spewed forth...

lol, hilarious post. tried facebooking you (yes, facebook can be used as a verb), but to no avail, probably because i don't know which school you're at.

p.s. say what you will about the recent mini heatwave, but i prefer it to the crapass winters we get.

15/6/05 21:00  
Blogger Darth Sidious spewed forth...

Go burn down Kennysia's blog!

16/6/05 00:05  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

jan: haha...he'd need a lot more options, then. seriously.

anon: haha...i found that if you leave most answers blank, it's easy to get me. perhaps kenny is just saying that i don't like filling out forms.

lion: I KNOW YOU GOT ME. didn't i link your blog? i would have if you posted something about it there. whatever. gah.

me: who are you? why are you me? you're not me! get out of my head. AHH!!

c.: you are brilliant. i'm usually the first bugger to ctrl+u, but you just thought of it that much faster. thanks for giving kenny's quiz a second breath of life. P.S. i just realized i got EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE ANSWER before getting myself (i also got cowboy caled and apple lim). ridiculous!

AQ: don't be too cheem. catch no ball.

kwoksiong: yahlah. that kenny sia. just because i scan my butt doesn't make me fun loving and cuddly.

maoooe: congratulations. i guess that makes you cool. or rather, coooel. gah.

claris: no, no it isn't. trust me, i checked. it isn't.

ff: nothing at all, honey, except i'd have to grow a vagina. which is in itself ok except i'm scared my penis would fall off.

sb: attaboy. except this quiz is ok since i'm an answer on it. this automatically makes it cool by association. you can not do it just to be cool, though. that's cool too.

IAIAIA: wah, you should see the pics my folks took retroactively. my folks took so many pics. damn funny.

ss: oh, i'm well aware of the use of facebook as a verb. like i said in reply to your earlier comment, you might wanna try emailing me, silly. as for the heat, well, chicago is totally unprepared for heat, so my apartment was some kind of oven. ah well, i'm not in chi-town any more, so that's all irrelevant, isn't it.

16/6/05 00:08  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

darth sid: no lah. kenny is cool.

16/6/05 00:11  
Blogger Lion spewed forth...

you linked me? if i posted something about it there? ok. whatever. :P

16/6/05 10:56  
Blogger BabeThePig spewed forth...

OMG What aren't you YOU??? But.. I'm YOU! Damn.

16/6/05 23:13  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

lion: yeah. precisely. whatever.

angel pet: you're not really me. i'm actually really me. but you can be me on kennysia.com; that's cool. or weird. you decide.

17/6/05 23:11  
Blogger whateverstreet spewed forth...

i found the answer too
1) ur name
2) C
3) D
4) - 10) blank

comes out u too~

20/6/05 04:17  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...




tell u my name but no revealing pictures

pizza place

haven watched cant be bothered

eat less

stay home

attached monogamy

and i left the last question blank.

either way i still got u.
nv seen your blog til today.
what's the big fuck?

21/6/05 05:02  
Blogger minishorts spewed forth...

Oh man...

I so understand you
I so understand you


I did the malaysian version and I got jeff ooi 20 times...


23/6/05 01:52  
Blogger -[NJ]- spewed forth...


24/6/05 11:50  
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