Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Home, home, home

I'm writing this from Changi's free internet terminals.

I'm back, baby. At long last, I'm back.


Anonymous kelawar spewed forth...

Welcome home, big dude!

12/7/05 05:40  
Blogger Darth Sidious spewed forth...

Boo yea.
Welcome back.

12/7/05 05:42  
Blogger Barffie spewed forth...


12/7/05 05:54  
Blogger Mail Order Bride spewed forth...

haha! let's meet for supper yo!

12/7/05 06:05  
Blogger Jayaxe spewed forth...

Now it's time to restart your nonsense. Welcome back!

12/7/05 06:21  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

*welcomes big fuck in kebaya*

/me presents purple orchid garland

12/7/05 08:01  
Blogger KwokSiong spewed forth...

welcome home

12/7/05 09:17  
Blogger Shion spewed forth...

It's time the fucker meet the murderer !

Drop me a mail or give me a buzzzz

12/7/05 11:28  
Blogger Hai~Ren spewed forth...


12/7/05 11:53  
Blogger The Screwy Skeptic spewed forth...

And then there was only one Singaporean blogger left in Chicago.

12/7/05 21:11  
Blogger ei|een spewed forth...

welcome home!

13/7/05 00:45  
Blogger Ah 9 spewed forth...

Got gathering?

13/7/05 07:44  

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