Friday, March 25, 2005

I've always liked the sound of my voice. One time I was singing on the bus while going home from school, and my friends turned around and said, 'eh, you sing damn horrible lah why don't you shut up.'

Since that day, I've always sung to myself instead. Unless I go to karaoke, in which case I sing as much as I want because damn it, I paid money already, right?

Anyway, seeing how Mr. Brown has been releasing a series of podcasts, I suddenly feel that it's time for people to hear my voice. I might not have a nice voice, and I might not even be entertaining, but what the heck. It's not like I have anything better to do. Click here to play the file, and don't let your parents here, because I like to say bad words some times.

Oh yeah, if you're inspired to release your own audio blogs, check out audioblogger; I can blog from my handphone, ok! Shiok or not? Oh yeah, it might only work in North America though.


Blogger Unknown spewed forth...

heh. typical singlish.

25/3/05 16:26  
Blogger bubblewrapwaffle spewed forth...

dude. you sounded like you were pretty damn high.

alright out with it, were you wanking off while recording that?!

you were with that bangla right?!?!

25/3/05 20:54  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

You sounded soft for a guy who's thousands of feet tall. WTF?

26/3/05 02:11  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

unknown: Yalor. What to do?

g: You know, over here, 'high' means something completely different. At the time of recording, I was not high. In any sense of the word. It was kind of cold, though. Maybe that's what you were hearing. The frostiness sometimes gets to my dangly bits.

AQ: I think it was the Americans who said, 'speak softly and carry your 1000 foot dick'. Something like that.

26/3/05 02:50  
Blogger Daniel spewed forth...

haha, good pun dude!

26/3/05 08:03  
Blogger DinGd0nG spewed forth... speak like a bangla trying to act like an english... alamak!

27/3/05 09:30  
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