Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nothing to Report, Sir!

A little tired for blogging today; I just got back from two performances for panasia. One of which was this:

My buddy and I did a rendition of Ye Qi Tian's 'Ai Pia Jia Eh Yia'; to pre-empt any questions, no, I cannot sing. Yes, I was awesome, yes, we were fucking hillarious, yes, you should have been there, and yes, the competition wasn't exactly super intense. I flailed my arms a little and danced (in slow motion) on stage, and everyone had a good time. I also was talked into MC-ing the event, which is why I'm absolutely pooped.

Blog admin only, then, for today - I'll be back soon with something worth reading. For now, though, for those of you in the States, help me (and yourself) get a free ipod; I was browsing mlle.b's blog when I came across her plea for another ipod; being the sucker for free ipods that I am, I clickety clicked my way into one of these referral deals. Apparently, though, she's gotten one free ipod out of this already, and her next is already on its way. I covet ipods. So should you. I'll tell you what - if you clickety click your way through the referral thing, and let me know about it, I will put YOUR link on my sidebar, helping you in your quest for a free ipod. Good deal, right? Offer valid to first five dudes who let me know, so be quick about it, yah?

I figure, hell, I have traffic, I might as well capitalize on it. Yes.

Also, while talking to Mlle.B, I realized that, while her traffic increased by a whopping 200 hits today, not one person left a comment on her page (except me, when I left a trail of cyber drool all over her pretty white site); come on, guys! We like pretty girls. We like pictures of pretty girls. If we tell them we like their pictures, it is likely they will post more pretty pictures. Thus, it is a good idea to tell them that we like their pictures. Furthermore, considering all these blogs are fairly under-visited, you can be sure that their owners will be receptive to comments. Do the clever thing - get into the good books of promising bloggers while you still can. Even if you don't want the traffic, you can always say you got to know them first, right? I just checked her blog, and she's put up a couple more photos today, if anyone is interested. Leave her some love, and tell her I sent you, so that she likes me more and I can hit on her so that she will think you are a polite person.

Anyway, I was surfing the interweb, and I found a website called purevolume; it has lots of downloadable music from unsigned artists and the like, which always makes me happy, since I can listen to really fucking obscure music and seem like the coolest dude in the world. Let's face it, music which nobody else has heard of, yet is strangely good, that is cool. Once things get popular, it's just that much less cool to like them. Yeah, argue all you want, it's true. Shut up.

Anyway, I found a band called Chinese Ghost.

Here's there cover art:

If you decide to go listen to them, listen to their song 'miracle'; it's strangely familiar, isn't it?

Sounds a little like Sun Yan Zi?

That's because it totally is! What the hell? I feel like exposing them, but then, I'm too lazy. Any takers?

Final note for the day: I've added yet another little link button, in case anyone wants to use it. It's so small and cute, isn't it? Put it on your page today! Hurrah!

Today's Blog Babe: the future is bright; don't just lurk, hor! Say nice things!


Blogger Daniel Ho spewed forth...

Love the Purevolume site. I am surprised that you being in chicago still keep up to date abt stuffs in Singapore? (Chinese ghost band), and i never even heard of that band. :)

14/4/05 03:26  
Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

I don't like karaoke.

Never liked and will not like.

Never put a mic in front of me and ask me to sing.

Rather say a long speech than sing.

Cos I croak. Not sing.

haha.. but i bet the hokkien song must be freakin hilarious.

14/4/05 04:06  
Anonymous Christina :p spewed forth...

My first comment for Joel! I'm so excited! Ok, not really...but wanted to say, your act was FUCKING awesome, though it may have needed some "firefists" hehe...

Let's go Kareoke sometime! Then I can show you how bad I can really be :D

14/4/05 04:25  
Anonymous ci'en spewed forth...

ickleoriental is also about to get married :)

14/4/05 04:29  
Blogger Jiameei spewed forth...

Chinese Ghost.


Creepy la.

14/4/05 05:06  
Blogger byebyebye spewed forth...

Hi , just swimming through here. Cool, so now you in chicago. I liked karaoke too but too bad im destined don't sing well.

14/4/05 06:20  
Blogger Jiameei spewed forth...

Linked you up, sir.

14/4/05 07:36  
Anonymous vinyarb spewed forth...

Linked you up dude! wahah... hokkien karaoke.. power!

14/4/05 10:49  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

daniel: eh, i linked them mainly because they posted a sun yan zi song as their own; as in, it was totally just a sun yanzi song; I thought that was pretty interesting.

gabrielle: I love getting drunk and singing nonsense. In front of an audience, though, that's a little intimidating. Ah, well, lucky I'm shameless.

christiiina: haha, ok, karaoke > clubbing, IMHO! LOL! oh, i think we're going clubbing tonight, though, if you want to join in...

ci'en: yeah, i know, right? ah well, what to do?

jiameei: fanks for the link; and did you notice the sun yanzi song? i mean, wtf, right?

ron: yup, chicago. yup.

vinyarb: thanks for the link, I saw your xanga, you pose funny. hahaha. I almost giggled, but I don't giggle.

14/4/05 12:32  
Blogger CELLE spewed forth...

I also wan karaoke!!!

14/4/05 16:51  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

celle: steady - just let me fly over the ocean and we'll go tomorrow.

14/4/05 19:50  
Blogger Melissa spewed forth...

oh so you're residing in chicago. My aunt stays there leh and i might go there for summer hols. i also want karaoke! But im tone deaf.

14/4/05 22:14  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

haha...if i'm around, we can karaoke-koke, and i'm not exactly mr. musicality, either, so it'll be good times.

14/4/05 22:54  
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