Thursday, April 07, 2005

Awesome Pictures, Part 1

Nothing to say today, so I decided to post a shitload of pictures. I was going to write some random entry about my life, but then I figured it would be much more fun to show you random pictures. Ready? Let's go!

For the record, let me post a picture of my flatmate. Let the records show that I live with a pretty girl:

Yes, that's me putting out a cigarette. No, I don't smoke any more. I quit already. Yes, I still get cravings. Bloody hell, what do you expect, right? You think I woke up one day and said, 'ok, smoking sucks, fuck it' and then stopped smoking? No. Smoking is damn hard to quit. Some mornings I wake up, thinking, 'if I just smoked one today, it would be ok.'

No, it wouldn't. I would be addicted again. Fuck.

Here are pictures of me smoking, in which you will see how smoking makes you less handsome. The first picture is me saying, 'hey, lungs, fuck you. I fucking hate you, lungs.'

Notice how I look less handsome than usual. This is my opinion. I am very clever. Thus, I am right. Here is me saying, 'hey, lungs, suck this, bitches'

Notice my hair is long in these pictures. This is because I was a smoker. You might be saying, 'there is no logic to that' but there is. Everything bad about me when I was smoking was because I was a smoker. Now everything good that happens to me is because I quit smoking. Don't contradict me, or I'll start smoking again, and you will go to hell for tempting me, you bastard.

Some of you might know that I worked at a childrens' home in Tokyo over the summer. Here's a picture from our trip to Mt. Fuji:

If you're observant, you'll notice that I still have long hair in this picture. Somehow, though, I look less ugly. Maybe it's because the wind is blowing my hair and it looks cool. Maybe it's because you can't see my face. Whatever. That girl facing the camera? That's Nene-chan. I know, funny name. They're Japanese; deal with it. Anyway, she's the cutest little girl in the world. Here's a picture of her and Emi-chan:

Those little kids were ridiculously cute. I feel bad for not writing to them more often; I hope they don't think I've forgotten them. Sometimes, I tell my friends that I like working with kids. My friends assume that I'm a pedophile, because for some strange reason, my friends think I am a bad person. I blame this on cigarettes. Fucking cigarettes. I would gush more about how beautiful these children were, and how much my life was changed by working with them, but none of you are here to read mushy shit. To compensate, I will type "fuck" ten times:

Fuck, fuck fuck, fuckfuckfuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck.

Ok, maybe 11, but nobody's counting.

This is a picture from one of my Japan trips, just for the fuck of it:

I think this is in Nara or Kyoto; I forget where. Anyway, my friend was pissed off that I kept stopping to take photos, and was very reluctant to take photos of me. Thus, I have, like, maybe two photos of me in these cities, and they both look like shit. Damn it, you travel and travel, and the least you could have is a fucking picture of you in some random street, right? Is that too much to ask? Fuck.

Fortunately, my photoshop skills are damn good.

Let the record state that my finger was in Japan. Yeah, that's right. I'd have edited myself into the photo but hey man, I'm fucking lazy.

Alright, it's late. Sleepy time.

Thanks for looking at my random pictures. I would say something like, 'I hope you enjoyed them' but hey, whatever.


Blogger Shion spewed forth...

Holy craps from hell !! Your flat mate is fucking HOT !

No shit !

7/4/05 04:39  
Blogger missy-j spewed forth...

Wah, I see you doing a thumbs up!
Didn't know you stuck out any other finger other than the third one :)

And I'm surprised that a fucking vulgar person like you likes to deal with kids...

And I second shion's comment about your flat mate.

And I enjoyed the pictures.

7/4/05 04:45  
Blogger Ah 9 spewed forth...

kids are cute. i love japan except i neber been there before...maybe next time.

and your flatmate...*SLURP*...hehehe

7/4/05 04:57  
Blogger Daniel spewed forth...

hey man that audio-clip a few posts down really cracked me up!! You pull off that 'generic foreign accent' really well man :D

7/4/05 05:30  
Blogger jllt spewed forth...


How many cold showers did you have to take?

7/4/05 11:23  
Anonymous Jol spewed forth...

You've been quitting for 4 years now. (I am so encouraging.)

7/4/05 12:26  
Blogger Sandra Ng spewed forth...

Your flatmade is gorgeous!Lucky guy you are. =)

7/4/05 18:39  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

You'd be so much cooler if you ain't no quitter. Remember: anyone can quit smoking but it takes a REAL MAN to face cancer. >=)

7/4/05 18:45  
Blogger Adrian spewed forth...

Plus you get to say real cool one-liners when you're a smoker. For example, when they came to give Hep-B immunisation jabs in my school and a friend asked me if I wanted to go, I replied with this immortal phrase. "Don't want lah. Cancer limpeh also not scared, I will scared Hep-B?"
>=) >=) >=)

7/4/05 18:48  
Anonymous SugarRush spewed forth...

Haha.. i bet while working with kids, you're having a hard time trying to stop yourself from blurting 'fuck'? hehe.. But really admire you for your love for children. That makes you unbelievably cute.

7/4/05 22:34  
Blogger comradewolf spewed forth...

hey...way kewl blog! Too bad you couldn't enter Best Blogs. Ah well--that's all. Hope the comments makes you feel...special? ha (:

8/4/05 03:49  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

shion: that's what i said. She's hot.

missy-j: I deny liking kids. I actually eat them. I'm a vulgar, bad person. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Hahahahahahahaa! Muahahahahahaha!

ah 9: why you want to eat my roommate is it? i doubt she's tasty. actually, wait, no i bet she is.

dan: thanks; i thought nobody liked those audioblogs. Ah well.

t: no cold showers, chicago is cold enough as it is. besides, she's just my ROOMMATE.

jol: oh, ye of little faith...and no respect for your imaginary father. i have quit for now, really.

sandra: she's my flatmate lah...not my girlfriend. got difference...flatmates don't hanky panky; bad for living arrangements. but yes, it's sometimes nice to come home to a pretty girl.

aq: get thee behind me, marlboro! i walk the path of righteousness! but as far as one-liners, mine used to be, 'you know what'll be sweet?' and my friend would go 'what' and i'd go 'if i don't die of cancer, that'd be pretty sweet.'

suggarrush: i got many different sides, ok. you just never see yet.

pib&wbcw: wah sibeh long user name sia. Thanks for commenting. i do indeed feel special.

8/4/05 04:16  
Anonymous jo spewed forth...

interesting cigarette that is.... hmmm...surprised your hair wasnt in dreads when you were smoking... now that would make sense! wink wink nudge nudge

8/4/05 05:30  
Blogger jllt spewed forth...

Every smoker goes through the stage of "quitting".

For a limited period of time, that is.

8/4/05 06:04  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

jo: what are you talking about? I ain't no rasta, I just have a couple bob marley records, if you know what I mean...

t: yes, but seeing as to how this is, like, my 4th or 5th "quitting" stage, it might just be my quitting stage.

8/4/05 10:50  
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