Sunday, April 10, 2005

Happiness is Warm Rice

Before today's entry, I just have to clarify a couple of things from my xiaxue killers post. First, the whole thing wasn't exactly meant to be a beauty pageant. While the bloggers in question definitely had to be pretty, I was also looking for certain elements that they shared in common with xiaxue which could possibly make them popular. In particular, I was looking for lots of photos, as well as a readable blog. Added points were given for the bloggers in question giving the illusion of availability or something to that effect. People like Little Miss Drinkalot or the gorgeous Adrianna simply don't post enough pictures to qualify in this category, even though they must undoubtably be babes, if only because their england is so blardee powderful.

Anyway, from the comments, I've found a blog that I missed out on:

Shoe Sessions: Daphne is an undergraduate at Purdue, and a certified babe. Also attached, but then, hey, being a chiobu like her, it makes sense, doesn't it? Purdue isn't that far away.

Honorable mention to Princess Gabrielle, who is also a chiobu.

Oh, yeah, I also happened to stumble across Sandra Ng's sister's (at least, she lists Sandra as her sister) blog; I've been enjoying that blog as well, but, seeing as to how its last entry was a plea to strangers to stop spreading her blog around, I'm not going to list it out of respect. Go ask Sandra, lah.

Ok, finally, on to my post:

I cooked dinner again tonight. I've been cooking at home a lot lately; the flatmate's boyfriend is away in Greece for the quarter, so the prodigal daughter has started coming home more frequently, giving me more opportunities to cook. While the flatmate wasn't around today, I invited a couple friends over and we had a simple, chinese dinner. I made pepper beef with asparagus, and stir-fried chicken, if anyone's interested. In my efforts to keep the food warm until my friends showed up, the meat dried up a little, but it was still pretty tasty.

I know, not everybody wants to read about my dinner, but I think it's important to talk about the things you take for granted when you're living with your families. While most people cite their hectic schedules as their reason for eating out through most of college, I find that it just doesn't make sense to cook when there's nobody to cook for. The good food I eat alone somehow just doesn't cut it; I find myself longing for a certain familiar set of walls with every bite of the eggs I scramble for myself, or the noodles I eat in front of my computer.

I've always believed that there's a very elaborate ritual that surrounds dinner, especially the dinners you share with your family. When I think of living with someone, I invariably associate this with eating together. Flatmates who don't share meals, it seems, are in many ways strangers; through eating together, you become so much more like family.

I once read an essay for chinese class which described happiness as a warm bowl of rice; for the author, the smell of cooking rice reminded him of the warmth of his family, of the depth of emotion that is not often expressed, and felt most acutely in its loss.

Sitting around the table today, chatting with a group of friends, I felt a bit of something that I feel so rarely now, living away from my home - I felt the warmth of a shared meal. I ate my warm, white rice, scooping it out of my faithful rice cooker and had one of those moments where for once, you really appreciate the depth of meaning that a bowl of warm rice can convey.

If my family is reading this, I miss you guys. Every day.

Everyone else, you can pretend you never read that. I'm not actually soft like that. I was lying. I'm a tough guy, I am.

Ok, maybe I can't be tough all the time.


Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

?? Jiahao as in currently owning a motorola razar jiahao ah. Who owns a small skinny dog named naughty?

wahhaha what a small world.

aiya bad day.. plus nv sleep! until now also cannot sleep. see if can make it 48 hours.. haha.

10/4/05 04:52  
Blogger Claris spewed forth...

Yum yum. That plate of food looks yummy!

10/4/05 08:00  
Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot spewed forth...

This is a warm fuzzy post as evidenced by the total lack of "fuck".

10/4/05 08:07  
Blogger aerasio spewed forth...

thanks bro, we miss you too

10/4/05 09:32  
Blogger sunflowr spewed forth...


10/4/05 11:04  
Blogger Panda Gets Bear spewed forth...

geez seems to me like you're on the up and up. ps. don't change my link! i am really starting to ween myself off xanga. plus, the juicier details of life are those on my blogger (or are intended to be on my blogger).

10/4/05 11:27  
Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

gee.. suddenly I'm trusted into the ChioBu club...

Think i need to under extreme makeover first lah. haha.

Everyone so chiiooo!!

3 cheers for all chio bus.. Hip hip (everyone with me now) HOORAY!(3x)

10/4/05 13:10  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

Yeah.. SandraNg's sister is very pretty too.. very sweet-looking.. Both sisters are pretty and sexy in different ways. ^_^

10/4/05 13:19  
Blogger CELLE spewed forth...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10/4/05 14:47  
Blogger CELLE spewed forth...

Snapshot of your dinner made my tummy grumble each time. I ate many times today. So yes.. that means I browsed the bloody page many times. What did you lash out from your magic kitchen? Beef? Arghh.. hungry again..

10/4/05 14:48  
Anonymous timothy spewed forth...

i think you missed out on this other two chiobus who also happen to have a great style of writing! what a waste lor. fiona and melissa


10/4/05 16:43  
Blogger timothy spewed forth...

i think you missed out on this other two chiobus who also happen to have a great style of writing! what a waste lor. fiona and melissa

10/4/05 16:45  
Blogger 2Vamp spewed forth...

good post on the family and food thingie. used to live on my own - i fully understand. cheers!

10/4/05 18:24  
Blogger speciousity spewed forth...

gosh where do you find the time?? but haha yeah, amazing compendium my dear =)

i still remember the yummy coookouts we used to have at uni - and yes, it really did make things better. hehe when u get back, i'll be more than happy to sample your food :P

10/4/05 19:46  
Anonymous SugarRush spewed forth...

Hey.. email me your recipe yah! I'm also living on my own.. and man.. it's sad, man!! Y_Y

10/4/05 19:52  
Blogger Kenny Sia spewed forth...

Great background colour. Prefer cum-coloured background over black.

Anyway, you might be interested in this chick

Not Singaporean, but plenty of webcam pics.

10/4/05 22:20  
Blogger Sandra Ng spewed forth...

you're a softie =)

I want the recipe for the beef-asparagus thingy! It looks goo-ood.

10/4/05 23:28  
Blogger Popagandhi spewed forth...

I got scarred by the concept of posting pictures of myself online, early on in the online world - after I found them reappearing on sleazy websites like sggirls, and even had people reporting they had somehow managed to download the pictures off err, kazaa (those were the days!).

:) Besides, just a few will do.

11/4/05 01:42  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

gabrielle: No, jiahao who was featured in the psc articles. Aiyah, different lah. Go to sleep miss, if your eyebags are too big, then not pretty already. I once went without sleep for 72 hours then went to church. I hallucinated that the pastor was talking about my son, then I realized that, shit, I don't even have a son. I was really screwed up. And yes, you are chio, ok?

claris: It was yummy, until I put it in the oven for an hour waiting for my friends to get here, and it turned dry. The bottom was still edible, though.

LMD: who knows? I might just be a warm fuzzy guy. Actually, no, I'm definitely not fuzzy.

Jem: awwwww shucks.

sunflowr: fanks.

panda: ok, i changed your link back. post juicy details already!

anon: yes, sandra's sister is pretty. haiz, these things make me wish I was back in singapore, so I could be, I don't know, rejected by both of them. consecutively.

celle: I have to cook mah, or I go hungry; according to my ang moh friends, I'm a fucking amazing cook, but I don't trust them, because ang mohs tend to eat lousy stuff. One of my self-created recipes was penne in cream curry sauce. It sounds like shit, but man, it tasted pretty amazing, if I say so myself.

tim: I didn't see that many on fiona's blog, but I listed melissa's straight away. If you'd given me your website, I'd have credited you, too.

2vamp: Thanks for the input .... yeah... home sick, sia!

Jo: You know my name, oh, and you know my number. And yes, I'd be happy to cook for you some day, probably in mid-june, when I return.

sugarrush: haha, can, can, give me your email lah. I have to warn you, though, I don't use exact recipes, I just use agar-ation, my nose, and my tongue. it usually works.

kenny: refer to next post re: cum comments. as to frackgirl, her art is pretty amazing. I like that. I will check that out in detail later.

sandra: haha, I'll work on getting the recipe together; this will involve hunting through my kitchen and trying to figure out exactly what I put in. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

adri: I understand your apprehensiveness in posting pictures, and I'm still a great fan of your blog, even if I'm firmly on the other side of the apple / pc divide (I put my computer together myself, and I goddamn love it, thank you very much). Refer to my links side bar; it's a testament to how awesome I think you are, miss. And yes, just a few will do. In-deed.

11/4/05 02:22  
Blogger pinkshoefetish spewed forth...

I guess now i can say i have been big fuck-ed... Thanks! :)

13/4/05 01:14  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

psf: oh, i wish you had been big fuck-ed. err...wait, that was inappropriate. I'm sorry.

14/4/05 03:21  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

if you're looking for real chiobu blogs, check out angela's and lianne's.

18/4/05 11:02  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

anon: i linked both already...heh

29/4/05 14:15  
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