Friday, April 08, 2005

Fuckety Fuck Fuck Fuck

I am pissed off at blogger. It refuses to post my post. I need to sleep, I haven't slept yet. I am angry. Like a monster.

An angry monster.

Fucking blogger, let me post my fucking post.


Edit: you can see the latest post on my livejournal


Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

HAHA! I beat blogger and post HERE!

Actually, no, that would pictures some more. Anyway, I've been getting the infamous document contains no data error from fucking blogger, and I am calling it quits for a while. I'll save my entry for tomorrow, or something. Check back again, yeah?

Fuckety fuck.

8/4/05 04:18  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

LOL! YOU DO LOOK LIKE A FUCKING AH BENG! man i feel for you, i would want my zero dollars back too man!

Anyway this is the fucking shit anon2 from your fucked up ettiquet blog. Can't leav a name cause i don't have a blog (Yes i know i am a fucking loser) Think i am going to get one soon though. in the meantime, you can e-mail me at

By the way, below is henry rollins official website. he use to be the lead singer for a band called Black Flag. but its his Spoken word stuff that i love. think if you go down to tower or HMV you should be able to find it (Otherwise just fucking download it off limewire or something)he does go into politics, but his performaces are sooo fucking awesome. And oh yeah he is very anti-bush. Enjoy.

8/4/05 05:16  
Anonymous Anonymous spewed forth...

this is another floser without a blog so, hi, anonymous here. have been a reader of your blog but never left any comments. your entries are fentertaining. (: fuckety fuck to blogger. shall check back again tomorrow then.

8/4/05 05:49  
Blogger jllt spewed forth...

You look cuter with the new cut. Seriously.

8/4/05 06:39  
Blogger Hejin spewed forth...

You look betterwith your new cut and the dye. Though it's quite beng-ish. But still better than your old hair la. Your old hair makes you look like a smoker.

8/4/05 07:03  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

anon: aiyah, I wasn't asking for your email or anything; I'm damn bad at emailing people. Yes, I know I look like an ah beng, maybe I am an ah beng leh how you know? Bloody hell! Anyway, who say I'm anti-bush? And who say I'm pro-bush? Maybe I just don't give a shit either way; one thing's for sure though, I am a cheap bastard, and have no money to buy shit.

anon2: You don't need to have a blog to write in a name, mah - just at the end of your comment, write a from: blahblahguy or blahblahgirl; it makes it easier to remember you by

t: Fanks miss; that makes me feel better

hejin: I know, lah, beng. But I suppose it's good to look like a NON SMOKER! YEAH!

8/4/05 12:44  
Blogger YellowPony spewed forth...

I would like to claim that I'm not killing myself laughing, but that would be a lie.
Thank you providing me with a healthy chuckle today.

8/4/05 20:33  
Blogger bubblewrapwaffle spewed forth...

blogger sucks balls.
you funny.
me bored.

8/4/05 21:14  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

yellowpony: anything to make you smile, miss. especially with your new flaming red hair.

g: sorry you're bored, and blogger is better today. good blogger.

9/4/05 03:39  
Blogger Gabrielle spewed forth...

eh.. if u were to walk up to me with that hairstyle (provided i don't know U) i might just kick you at the groin and run for my life.. haha...

9/4/05 17:27  
Blogger J Schnorng spewed forth...

aiyoh, that's not a promising remark at all.

9/4/05 17:42  
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